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Oxford Polytechnic
BSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering 

Reading College of Technology
HNC Electrical and Electronic Engineering 


1996 - present    APR International, Switzerland

Working first in the MiBa project for Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC) which, subsequent to the merger between UBS and SBC became the CUBE project, as part of the development team responsible for designing and implementing the CUBE core services intended to take the bank well into the next century.
This project uses CORBA and Enterprise Java Beans as its core architectural components to provide the underlying services required by the bank.
Initial work in the Build team as team leader for the design and construction of an in-house CORBA based integration test tool.This tool enables the construction of regression test programmes using a GUI based programming environment.

Subsequently leading the construction of the first prototype implementation of the Partner information system using IBM's Component Broker leading subsequently to the lead of the Application System Design group responsible for the design and implementation of the bank's Client Account system. This continues the previous prototype effort which will lead to the migration of the bank's current system in 2001.

1991 - 1996 Logica Informatik A.G. Zürich, Switzerland
Electronic Stock Exchange (EBS) Bonds & Equities, Zürich

This project was a continuation of Logica's involvement in EBS, which automates trading on the three largest Swiss Stock Exchanges (Zürich, Basel and Geneva) and has now successfully gone live after five years development. The central Exchange System is now on a DEC VAX/VMS platform and the Trading System on DEC OSF/1 and Sun Solaris platforms.
This was a large and technically challenging project involving replicated databases, multiple, redundant servers and reliable broadcasting technology.

Specific activities included:
Part of the team responsible for the initial technical design and functional specifications.
Responsible for the Trading System user interface functional specification and high level design.
Responsible for much of the detail design and Team leader for the implementation of the Trading System graphical user interface. This was a large and complex Object-Oriented development using C++ and a number of third party libraries.

1990 - 1991 Logica Informatik A.G. Zürich, Switzerland
Electronic Stock Exchange (EBS), Zürich and Darmstadt

EBS is a computerized stock exchange system for trading in fixed interest securities on behalf of the Zürich, Geneva and Basel exchanges. Orders are entered into a central order book by each market participant and trades are made by an automatic matching process or by a computerized trade acceptance system. The system has a central IBM System 88 performing the exchange matching functions with a System 88 at each of the exchange sites connected to PC-based trading systems.

The project was developed at Logica GmbH in Darmstadt, West Germany for the first 18 months for the Association Tripartite Bourses (ATB) with occasional work at the ATB site in Zürich.

Specific responsibilities included:
Writing script based test tools for regression and acceptance testing of the EBS central system (IBM S/88). The test engine was written in C and SQL to run on the IBM S/88..
Development of the prototype for the Bonds trading system workstation. The prototype was written in C on OSF/MOTIF to run in an X-Windows environment.

1988 - 1990  Wyatt Brothers Ltd., Chessington, England

Contract employment on the software for a new dealer desk system. Written mainly in 'C' with some time-critical parts in assembler. This system was developed using IBM PCs as cross development tools. Responsibilities were for the design and implementation of I/O systems on the on-line part of the project together with a significant part of the desk management work-station software. This latter part was written in 'C' to run under Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS and provides a graphical control interface to the complete dealing system.

1987 - 1988  Dexion Electronics Ltd., Bedford, England

Contract employment working on the software of a network information system. Complete implementation of a token passing network controller. The system was based on the I.E.E.E. 802.4 token passing bus using 8051/8044 microprocessors programmed in PLM51. Also undertaken here was the design of a simple B.I.O.S. to support a Forth programming system on proprietary 80186 based graphics work-station. This system was written in 8086 assembler using IBM PCs as the development environment.

1986 - 1987  Occam Design Ltd, Malmesbury, England

Fixed price contract for the complete system design and implementation of a numerically controlled machine tool for Neiman GmbH. Main control programme was written in Pascal running on an IBM PC controlling a CNC machine programmed in assembler. Having complete responsibility for completion and delivery of the software to the OEM and final customer as well as assisting in the installation of the machine on site.

1985 - 1986  Lucas Micos Ltd., Cirencester, England

Contract employment to write a series of 'KERMIT' communications packages to connect the local UNIX system to a series of microprocessor development systems. The packages were written in assembler for Intel 8085 and Motorola 6800/6809  systems. Testing involved some 'C' work together with the use of the UNIX system as a test bed.

1984 - 1985  Olivetti, Milan, Italy

Working in Ivrea and Milan involved in the production of a networked point-of-sale system. Writing in Z80 assembler, routines were provided to enhance the basic CP/M operating system used on the POS computer. Principally responsible for the system integration.

1982 - 1984  Fralsen SARL, Besançon, France

Contractor working as part of an international team  developing the software for an intelligent banking terminal. The design involved work on Z80 and 6502 assembler for a small network of transaction validation machines. Work was undertaken both at Besançon and in Paris at Olivetti as part of the project finalisation.

1980 - 1982  Lucas Micos Ltd., Cirencester, England

Worked on the software for a variety of real-time control systems used for microprocessor based engine management systems. These were written in assembler and PL/M for a variety of Motorola and Intel single chip micro controllers.

1978 - 1980  Linotype Paul Ltd., Cheltenham, England

Worked in the production engineering department writing production test software for the complex phototypesetting equipment manufactured in Cheltenham.

1977 - 1988  Reading College of Technology, Reading, England

Temporary employment whilst studying for the HNC but some FORTRAN programming  experience obtained.

1975 - 1977  Control System Consultants, Reading, England

Work on the hardware design of various analogue and digital systems.
Computer Systems Summary

Tools, Languages and System Environment
CORBA and Enterprise Java Beans Windows N.T. and OS/390
I.B.M. Component Broker / WebSphere Windows N.T. and OS/390
OSF/Motif Solaris, Alpha OSF and Linux
M.S. Windows Native A.P.I. C, C++ and Assembler
Rogue Wave View.h++ and Tools.h++ libraries on Unix  Solaris and Alpha OSF
Lex & YACC Unix and MS-DOS 
Java Windows N.T.
C++ Windows N.T., Solaris, Alpha OSF and Linux
Assembler Intel 8086, 80186, 8085, 8051, 8044 
Motorola 6800, 6801, 6809 
Rockwell 6502 
Zilog Z80
Pascal MS-DOS
Basic Various Platforms

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English (mother tongue)
French (spoken)
German (spoken)

Associate Member of IEE
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